HelpFul Hints for maintaining your orchid plant

{ If you are the recipient of one of our fabulous dressed orchid arrangements, these instructions will help you care for your Phaleonopsis orchid plant to ensure it stays happy and blooming for years to come }

Light - Phaleonopsis orchids make wonderful house plants and prefer moderate natural light. Soft morning sunlight is best - full sun, especially afternoon western sun is not recommended.

Water - establishing good watering techniques is one of the most important elements to a happy, healthy orchid plant! Phalaenopsis orchids prefer to stay moist (not wet) in a container that provides good drainage at the bottom. the single best way to water these plants is to drop a few ice cubes at the base of the stem every 7-10 days. This waters the plant slowly and helps avoid saturating the roots.

Temperature - Orchids prefer warmer temperatures (consistent 70+ degrees) and grow well indoors or in temperate outdoor areas. If you notice that your orchid is not producing a flowering bud you may want to place it in cooler temperatures (outdoors) for a few days to spur another growth cycle.

Re-potting & fertilizing - Orchids thrive and flower best when they are periodically re-potted with fresh soil (be sure to purchase high quality soil specifically made for orchids). It is best to re-pot your plant once all of the blooms have dropped off (late Spring/early summer). they also tend to grow faster and flower more often when they are fertilized using a high quality blend made specifically for orchids.

plant growth - in ideal conditions, your orchid will complete a full growth cycle once a year. Phalaenopsis bloom in the late winter through early summer months and typically produce 1-2 new leaves and fresh bloom stem in the fall.

{ please note that our return policy for live plants, including orchids, is one week from the date of purchase/delivery - should you have additional questions on caring for our plant please contact us directly at 904-246-0016 }