HelpFul Hints for healthy flowers

{ If you are the recipient of one of our fabulous fresh floral arrangements,these instructions will help you care for your flowers to ensure as many days of "flower love" as possible }
Step 1 - if your bouquet is wrapped, remove all packaging. find your favorite vase & wash it well with soap and water {sounds like a lot of work but we promise it matters}, & fill with clean, cool water
Step 2 - break out your sharpest pair of clippers or scissors and trim the ends of your blooms at a 45 degree angle {this applies to our designed vase arrangements, too}. This will help your flowers drink and ensure the cut ends do not sit on the bottom of the vase. The amount you snip will depend on the vase you chose ~ you want the heads of the flowers to sit just above the top of the vase
Step 3 - flowers LOVE fresh water! If possible, change the water DAILY {& snip the ends as stated above} You can also make them feel extra special by putting a few ice cubes in the water ~ especially during the hot summer months! They even love a fresh water spritz directly on their petals!
Step 4 - make your flowers feel at home in a cool place out of direct sunlight. Keep an eye out for fading blooms and be sure to pull these out as they expire so they do not spread bacteria to the flowers that are still going strong
Step 5 - last but not least~{enjoy them}! You must be pretty special for someone to send you a "liz bouquet"!!