Inside Look at atlanta's buyers market


To market, to market... Wait what is Market? 

some might presume that "market" is a shopaholics paradise! well, take it from this self-proclaimed treasure hunter extraordinaire ~ shopaholics & the shopping shy alike will find market to be a bit overwhelming! this never-ending maze that spans three buildings, over 60 floors & seven million (thats right we said million!) square feet, with showroom after showroom after showroom~ is bigger than big! at the end of the first 12 hour shopping day, your head will be spinning, your dogs barkin', your eyes blurry & red, your tummy grumbling because there was no time to eat and your thoughts haunted by the countless finds that you may have missed ~ realizing that there will never, in a million 12 hour shopping days, be enough time {& energy!} to see it all! 

so why, exactly, do we do this to ourselves?

despite the exhaustion, market is a huge source of inspiration! in this business it is of utmost importance to stay "fresh". we travel to market to dig up new trends, seek out new vendors in search of the unique containers, ribbons, rental pieces and candles you have come to expect from Liz Stewart Floral Design! also, it gives us a chance to reconnect with our existing vendors and open our minds to new ways of implementing visual displays. 


Making Connections


"make new friends and keep the old", the saying goes! we had the pleasure of meeting our fabulous new rep for a brand new, hot-off-the-press candle line that we will be carrying! we can't wait for you to be intoxicated by their 6 signature scents! we also got to meet the face behind one of our long-time vendors, napa. i felt like i was meeting a celebrity! In our world, she absolutely is!


What's Trending


vibrant, rainbow-colored stories is what caught our eye! we will be bringing these vibrant tones into some of our new Christmas items! we also noticed a lot of cozy, neutral elements such as knit, faux fur, macrame & rope! {we may have picked up a thing or two with this feel~ stay tuned}


Bringing it home! 

speaking of Christmas, that's what it feels like around the shop these days! every week a new pallet of treasures arrives from our shopping spree! We will be closed the week of august 28th - september 4th, reopening after labor day with a whole new shop reset! we can not wait for you to see our new goodies and new shop renovations!! 


We truly hope you enjoyed LSFDetail’s Inside Look into America's Mart Atlanta! We would LOVE to hear from you! comment below on your own experience with Market, your favorite trends or let us know what you want to see in the studio! The ladies of Liz Stewart Floral Design are always available for quotes or questions regarding your special events. Contact us and let's talk flowers!

For more great ideas & all things pretty gaze through our gallery of eye candy.



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