Behind the Scenes with LSFD

“The true magic is in the details” ~ Walt Disney

Although we have been referred to as “flower Magicians” by happy brides and long time customers, there is far more preparation and attention to detail than magic when you go behind the scenes of any event! We have been dying to create a video that features not only the finished product but gives our fans a peek into our world before, during and after an event…. A big Thanks to our good friend Chris Peloso (who also happens to be our favorite Flower Delivery Driver) for helping us share our story with you!

More than just pretty flowers…

Chris worked with us for a little over two weeks, capturing nearly every phase of the planning process. Really the Only thing missing was the initial meeting with the bride & groom which typically takes place 6-9 months before the “big day”.

the video starts with liz & TIffany in the office working on market grids (aka the “recipe” for each bouquet, & floral arrangement), finalizing flower orders from our favorite Wholesalers (Full Pot of Flowers, Mayesh) & reviewing timelines & floor plans. We are also making last minute phone calls to some of our favorite vendors to ensure all of the rentals (linens, lighting, chairs & even china) will be delivered and set before we arrive at the event site day of.

THe video transitions to the work room where we receive & process all of the flowers for the event (in addition to our many daily design orders for the week!). Once everything is properly trimmed and in water we move onto the design Phase. This can take anywhere from a few hours to several days depending on the size of the event. Contrary to popular belief - we rarely leave design work for the day of the event. Instead we make sure every arrangement is created according to the “recipe” and all of the “Hard Goods” (aka non floral design elements) are accounted for the day before. But HOw does it all stay fresh? We keep the workroom at a chilly 55 degrees overnight and the flowers are spritzed regularly to ensure perfection on event day!

Then the fun part ~ loading the vans!! a tricky process while we decide how to best maximize space! it’s a real-life game of tetris every single time as we carefully load the pretties into the cars, do one final check and we are off to the venue! When we arrive it is all hands on deck as we cart all of the flowers and hard goods to the right room (often several hundred yards and several flights of stairs away from the parking lot!) and start getting it all into the space & into place! Our ladies are experts at laying linens, placing centerpieces and even climbing big ladders to dress chandeliers ~ no job is too big or too small for the LSFD crew!! Once the big stuff is out of the way we focus on the final details in the room ~ placing the cake flowers, switching on the LED lights, scattering petals etc…

Believe it or not, Depending on location & timing, we often set Ceremony Decor last (especially if it is an outdoor ceremony!) ~ whether it is placing fresh altar arrangements, tying floral pieces to the arbor, or arranging pew markers ~ we wait to the very last moment so the flowers stay fresh and vibrant!

Last but not least… the big reveal!! Everything is in it’s place eagerly awaiting the arrival of the first guests. It’s appears to be magic but now you know - the magic is in the details!! ;) 

{A big LSFD thank you to chris PEloso for so patiently capturing the process! Chris is a man of many talents and we suggest giving him a call for your video needs!!}