Decoding the {Designers Choice}: Spring & Summer Blooms


The number one thing that sets Liz Stewart Floral Design apart from other flower shops in the area is our use of premium and unusual flowers. We are very selective about where we source our flowers~ using only the top growers from California, Oregon, Holland, South America and even right here in sunny Florida {when the season is right}.  

Because we feature such beautiful and unique blooms in our arrangements we often get phone calls asking  "what is this flower called?" when someone receives an arrangement from our studio. So for fun we thought we would create a new Blog series titled "Decoding the Designers Choice". In this series we will show the reader how we create our lovely seasonal arrangements and provide a little info on each bloom featured. 

Spring & Summer Blooms 


I think all Floridian's agree that there is no better time of year than Spring {well maybe Fall but we will save that for another post}! The days start to get longer, the temps are still pleasantly in the 70's and we start to count on those lovely afternoon rain showers that seem to kick start everything into full bloom. 

By the time May rolls around {and it always seems to come so quickly} we are catapulting into summer and the flowers reflect the mood with vibrant colors popping in among the softer shades of early spring.

For our first edition of {Designers Choice} we chose to combine some of our favorite flowers from both seasons to create a bright beautiful arrangement in different hues of pink & coral. We hope you enjoy the process... 

XOXO - the ladies of LSFD


May just might be our favorite flower month at LSFD simply because it means Peonies are readily available in all sorts of delicious colors & textures! 

IMG_1840 (1).JPG

These lovely flowers are native to Asia, Southern Europe and Western North America. They are grown on large bushes that, once established and properly cared for, can thrive for hundreds of years! These beauties are among the most popular cut flowers on the market and are typically available in late spring through early summer. We may also get a glimpse of them in our winter months ~ when they come to us from places like New Zealand where it is their summer! 

retail cost per stem: $8 - $15+/-

For a few more fun facts on Peonies, including why you should be sure to include peonies in your wedding bouquet, check out this article


Just one look at our logo and you will know that we are BIG tulip fans! The hot pink parrot tulip "IS" LSFD! And nothing welcomes the arrival of SPRING in such an elegant manner!

There are over 150 species of tulips with over 3,000 different varieties. Tulips are native to central Asia but didn't really become popular until reaching the Netherlands. Tulips were once the most expensive flower ~ And in the 1600s, they were even said to cost 10 times more than a working man's average salary, making them more valuable than some homes in the Netherlands. This time period (1634 to 1637) is now known as "Tulip Mania." 

Tulip petals are edible and can be used in place of onions in many recipes. If you cut tulips, they'll continue to grow in your vase for at least another inch. They are “phototropic”, bending towards the light, so rotate containers daily to keep stems more upright. 

retail cost per stem: $3 - 5+/-


Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea is a plant native to the Mediterranean region. Their exact origin is still a topic of debate, but most describe it as being native to Sicily. Monk and botanist, Father Francis Cupani, first discovered them around 1695. By 1900, there were over 300 varieties of sweet peas, and today, the number of sweet pea varieties is almost too many to count. An ambitious gardener can still to this day find the original ‘Cupani’ variety in some garden centers.

All sweet pea flower varieties are not fragrant, but the ones that are, live up to their namesake. We love them not only for their sweet scent~ but also their delicate butterfly-like blooms & stunning colors! The lavender and watermelon shades are two of our faves! 

Retail cost per stem: $3 - $5+/- 



Commonly known as the “buttercup”, the ranunculus is a large genus that contains over 600 varieties.The most common species, the Persian ranunculus, are made of layers of paper-thin petals ranging in color from soft whites, pinks and yellows to vibrant oranges and reds. 

The name ranunculus comes from two latin words. Rana meaning ‘frog’ and unculus meaning ‘little’. It is assumed this name was fitting because they grew along streams and were as prevalent as frogs in the springtime. Historically, Native Americans used the dried plants in potions to treat sore joints and muscle pain and to remove warts. Funny because the warts they were treating probably came from the same frogs the flower was named for! 


One of our most impressive varities this season was the blush CLONI HANOI ranunculus! OhLaLa! We would all gasp & sigh at their delicate beauty each and every time we used them in a bouquet!

Retail cost per stem: $3 - 18+/-ea

Now lets get behind the scenes and watch our Lead Designer Tiffany Marus transform these blooms into a work of art! Here are a few tricks that you will notice:

*grid your vase using a narrow floral tape {be sure to tape around the outside lip as well so that it stays in place as you design}

*start with your greenery to help create a base for your blooms to nestle into

*then insert your focal flowers ~ you can either group them together or place them in a triangular design to create a pleasing balance

and VOILA !! Finished product: a {Designers Choice} low, lush arrangement FULL of premium SPRING & SUMMER blooms ~ in a super cute blue pot!

Feel free to comment below on any of our ideas or post questions that you may have. The ladies of Liz Stewart Floral Design are always happy to create a beautiful Daily Design for you or your loved ones. Contact us and let's talk flowers!

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