The Educated Bride Mini Series

Knowledge is POWER ladies! So let's get down with some FLOWER POWER! In this brand new "mini series" of the LSFDetails Blog, we hope to give you a little glimpse into the REALITIES of WEDDING PLANNING. As a bride-t0-be i'm sure your head is spinning with SO MUCH INFORMATION & swimming in ALL OF THE PRETTY LITTLE DETAILS that must be planned for (and paid for). With wedding blogs, magazines, TV Shows, Apps, & Pinterst {OH MY!!} ~ there is no shortage of tips, tricks, pics, inspiration & PRESSURE! ........we are here to HELP!!  

Pinning vs Pennies

Lets face it, searching for inspiration photos online is one of the first (and most fun) things a bride to be does in the early planning stages. These dream pics not only help sort out colors, styles, likes and dislikes, they also help set the stage for your expectations of the big day. Pinterest can be a magical place filled with flowers, cakes and dresses you didn't even know were possible - but behind those dreamy images - is a whole lot of materials, man hours and professional knowledge that can cost you a pretty penny! In this post we focus on three of our favorite "must have" floral elements in any wedding and show you how we have taken those fabulous (over the top) pics from Pinterest and scaled them to fit our client’s pocketbook.   


The "pinning"option: Floral Arch/ "HALO" ~ $8,000 +

Oooooooooolala - first of all, we love this! Please let us create this for you!! But also please tell us that you have at least $8k to spend on it!! we did not construct this beauty ~ but estimate that it would take approx 8-12 hours to build the structure ~ another day or two, with 3-4 designers, to load it up, transport it safely to the venue, assemble the base and then adorn it with gobbs of fresh foliage, wet foam cages and of course those gorgeous blooms! 

The "pennies" option: Floral Arbor $2500 +/-

A gorgeous 4 post wooden arbor adorned with lush swags of premium Blooms~ Insider Tip: Placing the swags on the front two corners as well as the back, inside corners made it appear even more Full & fabulous! The oceanfront lawn at the ritz Carlton, Amelia Island provided the perfect backdrop and plenty of space for this showstopping arch. 


The "pinning" option: Suspended Ceiling Treatment ~ $20k +/-

WOWZA! This little dance floor "accent" had to cost this MR & MRS $20K or more! At closer glance, this may very well be faux blooms that could potentially be reused ~ BUT~ between the BIG custom ceiling grid that would need to be built , as well as the LOADS of materials to cover it ~ foliage, moss, vines, and dripping Wisteriaflowers ~ paired with the countless man-hours to piece it all together AND suspend it from the ceiling ~  this beauty is a BEAST! 

The "pennies" option: Floral Chandeliers $3,500 +/-

Certain venues already have amazing ceilings ~ just begging for you to suspend pretty things from them! Here we softened the White Room by bringing a touch of the outside in. Fresh curly willow branches, cascading vine, crystal spheres & floral chandeliers came together to create a romantic canopy over the dinner tables & dance floor.


The "pinning" option: Feasting /Head Tablescape $3,000+/-

HOLY FLOWER GARLAND! This sucker is FULL!! Of premium blooms that is! Looks to be garden roses, peonies, ranunculus, anemones& orchids! I wouldn't even be able to eat ~ I would be staring at thiswondrous piece all night! You could certainly create a slightly less expensive version using all white hydrangea ~ but it still ain't gonna be cheap!

Our "pennies" option: Head Table $1,500 +/-

  Photo: Dana Goodson

We created this elegant tablescape at The Riverhouse using a mix of varying heights to create dimension and set this table apart from the others. Crystal vases showcasing the Bride & Bridesmaids bouquets are the focal point with Mercury glass pillar candles and votive candles nestled between offering soft romantic light. Two tall, lush arrangements add to the WOW factor and glass stemmed floating candlesto round out the design. This is one heck of a romantic, glowing head table! {the custom farm tables that we provided sure did add to the pretty factor, too!}

We truly hope you enjoyed LSFDetail’s first blog Post and first part of our Educated Bride Mini-series. Feel free to comment below on any of our ideas or post questions that you may have. The ladies of Liz Stewart Floral Design are always available for quotes or questions regarding your special events. Contact us and let's talk flowers!

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