The Educated Bride Mini Series: WHY YOU NEED US

Knowledge is POWER ladies! So let's get down with some { FLOWER POWER }! In this "mini series" of the LSFDetails Blog, we hope to give you a little glimpse into the REALITIES of WEDDING PLANNING. As a bride-to-be i'm sure your head is spinning with SO MUCH INFORMATION & swimming in ALL OF THE PRETTY LITTLE DETAILS that must be planned for (and paid for). With wedding blogs, magazines, TV Shows, Apps, & Pinterst {OH MY!!} ~ there is no shortage of tips, tricks, pics, inspiration & PRESSURE! We are here to HELP!!  


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We recently came across a very interesting (and somewhat controversial) survey conducted by the exciting new online wedding registry, ZolaThis survey, shared in Brides Magazine, asked 750 newly-married couples their insight on what elements they found to be the most important {& worthy of the dollars spent} in planning their BIG DAY.

While WE agreed WITH the majority of the results in the survey, we were also dismayed to see the conflicting sentiments surrounding flowers and decor. As experts in this field, with 20+ years experience working with couples to plan & execute their vision, we felt it important to highlight the importance of hiring a professional floral designer for your big day!

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Flowers + Decor made the top 5 list for "Truly Unforgettable" details, as well as the list of items they wish they had spent MORE money on. At the same time, Flowers + Decor ALSO made the list of "what couples wish they had spent LESS money on". Of course, we understand that every couple,regardless of budget,will need to make CUTS here and there. As Jennifer Spector, Zola's Director of Brand and Newlywed-at-Large says, "Even people with unlimited budgets don't get everything they want,"

That being said ~ we can't help but feel that {REALLY & TRULYflowers + decor are key to the overall success of a wedding~ from pre-ceremony through to the reception - every detail counts!

Venue and photographer claimed the top two spots on what makes a wedding unforgettable. We completely agree! However, not all venues are "naturally beautiful", and those most important wedding photos can look empty & generic without gorgeous flowers to adorn them. 

to illustrate our point, we had a friend photo shop a few images from some of our past weddings to see what those special moments would look like without the LSFD touch.

The results speak for themselves:

 Ceremony at The  PEna PEck House  in St Augustine 

Ceremony at The PEna PEck House in St Augustine 

 REception at Walkers Landing in Amelia Island 2017

REception at Walkers Landing in Amelia Island 2017

 Wedding cake provided by  Alleycakes Bakery  

Wedding cake provided by Alleycakes Bakery 

Another very important element to consider when seeking out your PROFESSIONAL VENDORS is the relationship and overall "vibe" you have with them. Keep in mind that this can be a year long relationship you are entering into! We agree with Spector's advice, "the best vendors aren't necessarily the most/Least expensive; they're the ones with whom you have the most chemistry." 

YOU NEED US because we CARE about YOU & the relationship we build with you and your family. We do not take it lightly that YOU are entrusting US with your MOST special day! With each & every wedding we create, we feel {honored} to be a little part of something so big, beautiful and important! From our very first meeting, we want to know all about you & your vision for the perfect wedding day! Your likes/ dislikes, color preferences, favorite flowers, any sentimental aspects we can incorporate~ and just as important, We love to hear all about your love story {we also REALLY love seeing pics of your animals!!}  ALL of these Elements go into our recipe for knocking your socks off when the highly anticipated day finally arrives!

YOU NEED US because we are a one-stop-shop for ALL of your Floral, decor & design needs! Of course we specialize in flowers~ but we are also a resource for specialty linens, lighting, soft seating, fabric treatments, table numbers, you name it we can do it! All of these elements contribute to the ambiance of a successful event and our expertise in event design allows for a STRESS-FREE, perfectly executed Event every time in any venue!

You Need Us because arranging flowers is an art form! Each one of our Designers is specially trained in horticulture & the aesthetics of design. Although it may appear to be something that you can DIY, take it from us, it is NOT! Brides your bouquet will likely appear in ninety percent of your wedding photos - hiring a professional will ensure your flowers are as beautiful as you that day! 

Finally, We LOVE what we do and Love YOU for making that possible for us! That said: whether or not you hire us or another floral designer, It is all about enjoying the process ~ you are in the midst of a super special, once in a lifetime experience ~ Soak up every last little lovely bit of it ~ and let the professionals take care of the rest!  

We truly hope you enjoyed LSFDetail’s blog Post and second part of our Educated Bride Mini-series. Feel free to comment below on any of our ideas or post questions that you may have. The ladies of Liz Stewart Floral Design are always available for quotes or questions regarding your special events. Contact us and let's talk flowers!

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Inside Look at atlanta's buyers market


To market, to market... Wait what is Market? 

some might presume that "market" is a shopaholics paradise! well, take it from this self-proclaimed treasure hunter extraordinaire ~ shopaholics & the shopping shy alike will find market to be a bit overwhelming! this never-ending maze that spans three buildings, over 60 floors & seven million (thats right we said million!) square feet, with showroom after showroom after showroom~ is bigger than big! at the end of the first 12 hour shopping day, your head will be spinning, your dogs barkin', your eyes blurry & red, your tummy grumbling because there was no time to eat and your thoughts haunted by the countless finds that you may have missed ~ realizing that there will never, in a million 12 hour shopping days, be enough time {& energy!} to see it all! 

so why, exactly, do we do this to ourselves?

despite the exhaustion, market is a huge source of inspiration! in this business it is of utmost importance to stay "fresh". we travel to market to dig up new trends, seek out new vendors in search of the unique containers, ribbons, rental pieces and candles you have come to expect from Liz Stewart Floral Design! also, it gives us a chance to reconnect with our existing vendors and open our minds to new ways of implementing visual displays. 


Making Connections


"make new friends and keep the old", the saying goes! we had the pleasure of meeting our fabulous new rep for a brand new, hot-off-the-press candle line that we will be carrying! we can't wait for you to be intoxicated by their 6 signature scents! we also got to meet the face behind one of our long-time vendors, napa. i felt like i was meeting a celebrity! In our world, she absolutely is!


What's Trending


vibrant, rainbow-colored stories is what caught our eye! we will be bringing these vibrant tones into some of our new Christmas items! we also noticed a lot of cozy, neutral elements such as knit, faux fur, macrame & rope! {we may have picked up a thing or two with this feel~ stay tuned}


Bringing it home! 

speaking of Christmas, that's what it feels like around the shop these days! every week a new pallet of treasures arrives from our shopping spree! We will be closed the week of august 28th - september 4th, reopening after labor day with a whole new shop reset! we can not wait for you to see our new goodies and new shop renovations!! 


We truly hope you enjoyed LSFDetail’s Inside Look into America's Mart Atlanta! We would LOVE to hear from you! comment below on your own experience with Market, your favorite trends or let us know what you want to see in the studio! The ladies of Liz Stewart Floral Design are always available for quotes or questions regarding your special events. Contact us and let's talk flowers!

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One of our favorite things about being a wedding professional is the opportunity to work in some of the most beautiful locations in north Florida! Many are hidden gems, tucked away in remote locations or closed to the public. We are lucky enough to lay eyes on some pretty incredible party spots and we thought it would be fun to share some of our favorites with our fans... 

Our first feature is Walkers Landing in Amelia Island Florida. This unique venues boasts waterfront views, giant oak trees and a large open floor plan with plenty of places for us to work our "flower magic". We hope you enjoy this exclusive look inside this fabulous space and stay tuned for more of the Venues we Love... 


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Decoding the {Designers Choice}: Spring & Summer Blooms

Decoding the {Designers Choice}: Spring & Summer Blooms

The number one thing that sets Liz Stewart Floral Design apart from other flower shops in the area is our use of premium and unusual flowers. We are very selective about where we source our flowers~ using only the top growers from California, Oregon, Holland, South America and even right here in sunny Florida {when the season is right}.  

Because we feature such beautiful and unique blooms in our arrangements we often get phone calls asking  "what is this flower called?" when someone receives an arrangement from our studio. So for fun we thought we would create a new Blog series titled "Decoding the Designers Choice". In this series we will show the reader how we create our lovely seasonal arrangements and provide a little info on each bloom featured. 

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The Educated Bride Mini Series

The Educated Bride Mini Series

Pinning vs Pennies

Lets face it, searching for inspiration photos online is one of the first (and most fun) things a bride to be does in the early planning stages. These dream pics not only help sort out colors, styles, likes and dislikes, they also help set the stage for your expectations of the big day. Pinterest can be a magical place filled with flowers, cakes and dresses you didn't even know were possible - but behind those dreamy images - is a whole lot of materials, man hours and professional knowledge that can cost you a pretty penny! In this post we focus on three of our favorite "must have" floral elements in any wedding and show you how we have taken those fabulous (over the top) pics from Pinterest and scaled them to fit our client’s pocketbook.   

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